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The magazines must fit flush in the gun, no base pads are allowed.  Find a magazine that fits well, drops out when released and feeds flawlessly.  You will need about 6 of them.  A lot of 1911 shooters like Chip McCormick magazines and they seem to work well.  I personally like magazines with a skirted follower as they seem to work better in my guns, your mileage may vary. My choice is Mec Gar magazines but some shooters don't like them.  There are a lot of different magazines on the market, you may find that some that work in someone else's gun may not work as well in yours. Many shooters use Tripp magazines and also I understand that Kimber now has a magazine that is leagal for Wild Bunch.  FLUSH, FIT, FEED, FALL OUT and Slide lock are the things to look for.  Choose carefully!



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  As Blackfoot said the secret to good 1911 Wild Bunch shooting is your magazines.  They have to work flawlessly.  They have to lock your slide back after your last round every time.  Your 1911 must function perfect and a big part of that is your magazine.  I will not use mags just because they are cheap.  Invest in a good quality product and you will be happier in the long run.  I use Tripp magazines.  They aren't cheap but they work perfect in all my 1911's.  Chip McCormick builds a match quality product also.  One practice I have learned over the years, when you have a magazine that quits working throw it away most of the time it is not repairable.  When I do an Action Job on a customer's 1911 I also include tuning one magazine.  I have jigs to reshape the lips on the mags for lead bullets.  Most all magazines are set from the factory for jacketed bullets not lead.  The one exception is the Tripp magazines.


Good luck and welcome to Wild Bunch Shooting



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