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Remington Model 14

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Are many of these used for the side matches?

Where do you get ammo or components, namely brass, bullets, dies, should you reload them?

One see some .30 Remington's on GB, but don't know about finding ammo or brass.


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CN Double and Elwood are shooting them. I just picked one up in 35 Rem. I think that is the only caliber that the brass is still "in production." But at that I had to scrounge for brass since most ammo manufacturers are busy producing ammo for Biden's little war in Ukraine. But I did find some used brass and bought a bullet mold and I am working on loads. One of the advantages of the 35 caliber is that you can shoot 357 pistol bullets.

I really haven't shot it enough to have an opinion. It is easier to run that my Win 94. Magazine holds 5 rounds so for a 7 round TR match you will have to load two.


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Fun gun.   My model 14, is the 30 Rem.   Brass is hard to come by.  Ended up buying 32 Rem brass and resizing.   

Just depends on what you want to shoot.     Regardless, you will have great gun that u will want to shoot, no matter what the category!   

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