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Starting a regular Monthly WB match

Frenchy Cannuck

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Howdy Ladies & Gents,

I want to start a monthly WB match for the spring. We already shoot a monthly CAS match and we have targets and the likes.

What are some of the things I need to be aware of before getting going.

I will be talking to Legendary Lawman and Serenity and enlisting their help, but I thought I would throw it out here and see what y'all have to say!




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You really don't need much beyond what is needed for a Cowboy match.    Except for MORE brass pickers! 


Figure out how you want to score your local match.  The Usual Choices are

* total time

* rank points

* stage points


It's easy to start with total time and then move to, say, stage points later, so even that is not something to worry about.


Training (WB RO class) for at least 3 or 4 shooters will get you some knowledgeable ROs.    It's a little disappointing to show up for a WB match and not have anyone with a rule book in their cart and the major rules clear in their head.      But with the two great helpers you mentioned, that should not be a problem either.


And, you might decide to "relax the firearms requirements" when you get started to let .38 spl rifles and modern pump shotguns in for a while - makes getting new folks out to the match much easier.  Maybe even let 9mm pistols in, but the requirement for lead bullets often discourages 9mm shooters with their Glock factory barrels.


Go Shoot!  Good luck with it!



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Hey GJ,

Last August Legendary Lawman ans Serenity held a WB RO course and we have 6 or 7 WBAS RO in our midst, so as far as that goes we're good to go.

Targets, not really an issue! Relaxing rules requirements only makes sense. Maybe have a special categorie.

Anyway that pretty well confirms what I was thinking.

LL and Serenity will help with any other detail that we need to iron out.




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Hi Frenchy,


At first, be flexible about the gun and PF requirements. Give folks time to see how they like things before forcing them to buy new guns. Although, I have a .45 rifle, I shoot a .38 at monthly matches as I do not get enough brass back! Sorry, I'm not wealthy enough for that to not be a problem.


Do not make the targets too  small and far or the scenarios too complex. You can make any changes from CAS gradually and give folks time to adapt to the differences. I've heard horror stories about two major matches from a top shooter. You know how when you learn a new scenario, it either slows folks down or more of them get Ps? That is not conducive to getting folks to come back.


Have a variety of target styles and more targets than a CAS match. I like horizontal and vertical plate racks, dueling trees, and lots of KDs. We frequently use our CAS SG  KDs for the WB pistol. They are tall lollypops and go down easily. Try to shoot at least 20 pistol. This emphasizes the difference from CAS. I really do not mind shooting the rifle targets with the pistol sometimes. With the 45 and higher PF those bullets tend to get there, if the targets are not too small or too far.


Like Joe mentioned, make sure you have plenty of brass pickers. Buy a spare yourself until folks are motivated to buy their own. This is a pet peeve of mine.  :( At one match, we only had six shooters and it seemed like I was the only one picking brass. My back (I do use a picker) hurt for days after that match and I was ready to quit. Seriously! I did go back and, unfortunately, after our last match, my hand that squeezes the picker was swollen for days.  >:(


If any of you reading this do not have brass picking equipment, get it ASAP! Picking that brass at a WB match is a lot of work! Don't make one or two people do it all!







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Frenchy, the fastest way to decrease attendees is to ask them to help set up 5 bays at 8:00AM - 11:00AM Safety Meeting - 12:00PM Match Start and with a posse 15-20 have the match end around 6 to 6:30PM.  And usually the setup is for the CAS Match the next day.


Set up 2 bays for WB, vary the steel & scenarios - 9:00AM Safety Meeting and start shooting at 9:30 ... and limit the magazines per scenario to 4

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Thanks Guys,

Lots of great advise.

Our range isn't large enough for multiple bays, we usually shoot all matches ( CAS ) in one with minor modifications between stages. It usually works quite well. I'll definitely get to work on getting additional brass pickers Miss Allie, we already have a few but more is better.

I'll keep y'all posted on our development.


Have a merry Christmas all and all the best for 2015.



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Well, having run the Cowtown WB monthlies for over five years, heres a couple thoughts.

I understand the thinking of relaxed rules and all. Issue is, it did not change a darn thing re: attendance.

I will allow some disparity for a match or two to allow a shooter to get there feet wet.

After that, well, no. Well, HECK NO.


I know thats a hard stance, but it is not fair to those that want to do it right.


You cannot shoot Classic Cowboy with a double action Model 10 S&W. To allow it perhaps once to see if the venue/sport (SASS) perhaps to be something ya are thinkin of doin? Well, maybe.


We offer the loan of correct firearms and ammo if needed.

You can draw a 1911 out of nearly all Cowboy holsters. Since we do not return to leather, I personally can't see that being an issue to try it with a proper pistol.

Using a 38 whatever as a rifle for a bit, as long as they are not "competing" against the correct folks? Not a problem.

I just loan em a rifle.... Just sayin



Stage em or pocket em.



Well, A 97 or 12.

Again, I loan em one.


Nearly ALL of the folks that wanted to try WB, is now shooting with the correct stuff.


And yes, I get the financial part.


Just sayin......

Do what ya want.........


Hope this helps.


And yes, I am opinionated.... No offense taken for being judged as such.





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What are some of the things I need to be aware of before getting going.




First, you must contact your insurance carrier and inform them of what you intend to do.  Then, you have to be sure your  incorporation papers accommodate this new activity and protect the leaders..



Up here in the great white north, we just need insurance on the range covering all persons using it, I don't think that we need to get specific insurance for specific activities.

I think! Definitely something to check out.



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HI Frenchy;The CFO need to approve the type of shooting on a range in Ontario. As to non WB guns, they play in there own category.

You have to do what works in your back yard.


Thanks Vicious,

We'll talk to the NB CFO, and find out what he says.

I'm assuming that since he has approved CAS, WBAS shouln't be an issue. Of course that would be in a logical worl and as we know, this is Canada!  :o



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