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What is the penalty and who gets it?


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OK, so in the Shooters handbook it says;


"9. Once a shooter stages their firearms on the firing line, no other person will touch

the firearms. The only exception is if the RO deems it necessary to prevent a

severe safety violation. (Any penalties would still apply.) The shooter shall be

the only person to move their firearms from the firing line to the unloading

table. Posse members shall be instructed not to touch or move any firearm from

where the shooter restaged them after completing the firing string with the

individual firearm."


No where does it say what the penalty will be, nor who gets the penalty. Logic tells me that the person who touched the other person's firearm would receive whatever penalty there may be. But another shooter who just went through the RO course swears  that he asked that exact question. He says he was told by the instructor that the shooter would receive a 10 second penalty if anyone else touched their gun(s). This certainly seems convoluted to me. If you wanted to ding someone with a penalty, just carry their rifle to the unloading table!


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Someone has mistaken the RO Handbook section:


Minor Safety Penalties

• Handing off a malfunctioning firearm.


with the other-person-moves-a-shooter's-gun situation.


By extrapolation from the penalty above,which would be incurred by the shooter - the penalty for moving another shooter's gun has to be a Minor Safety as well.  But, common sense tells you that for move-a-gun, the penalty goes to the person who moved the gun!  You sure cannot penalize the shooter for someone moving his gun - he may be 50 feet away at the time!


Perhaps this is the case of someone not paying attention during class, or the instructor being confused.  Either case, someone needs better instruction!


Good luck, GJ 

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The actual correct answer to the question is:  NO-one gets an actual time penalty. The person moving the gun gets the policy explained to them clearly and are asked in a polite way to not do it again. This is one of those "rules" in SASS venues that has no actual penalty applied for violating it. (There are several in CAS)The committee has discussed this before and we really don't like a rule without a penalty, so we prefer to call it a "POLICY" not a rule. Therefore it does not appear in the "penalties" section of the Handbooks.
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Blackie, yes, but you and a match official MUST examine the gun before it can be removed from the line by another.


I was answering what happens at the END of the Course of fire.


In the case of actually staging the firearms before becoming committed to the stage there is NO problem with getting assistance staging firearms. It happens all the time.

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Yes, your cleared guns can be taken to the unloading table by another shooter, when you need assistance.  Same as coming to the line. 


If the assistant finds a long gun with the action very close to being closed, he should call the TO over to take a look before moving the gun.


If at the loading table there is found to be a live round still in a long gun, the assistant will not be the one to be penalized (just as in Cowboy).  Just the shooter.


Good luck, GJ



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