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We will have a long range bolt action side match this year.

Allowed Rifles per the rules:  Must be an original caliber bolt action rifle issued by any country to its military forces through the end of WW ll.  It must be "as issued" with original iron battle sights and no external modifications.  Faithful reproductions are also allowed.  Don't show up with anything which does not meet the rules.  There will be no exceptions.


For this match you can shoot fmj ammo.  I am bringing targets which will withstand the hits.

There will be a men's and women's category.  We will pay 3 deep in both.

First run for score.  A smaller separate trophy will be given for the fastest time for any run even if you run it 100 times.

We will have real trophies.  Each run will cost $5 to help pay for them.

We will have loaner rifles and ammo for shooters with no rifle.  $10 per run with them to offset ammo cost.

Targets will be 12x14 inch ovals set at 100, 125 and 150 yards.

Each shooter will shoot two five round Nevada Sweep runs.  Reload off the clock. Score will be the total time of both runs.  Most hits wins with time being the tie breaker.

You can shoot off sticks or off any table or bales on the stage.

Gun starts with bolt open, magazine loaded.

There could be small changes such as small adjustment on range but this is what we plan now.


We need volunteers to help with the side matches and we are still looking for some more sponsors to offset cost.


Sign up for the match.  We want to overwhelm them with shooters.


Evil Roy




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What Joe said.  I talked to Zak last night and talked about giving us enough time so everyone can shoot all the side events.  Discussed Sunday or only Monday and decided we need to have two days to be sure we have enough time.  We have to get out of the way of the CAS set up by Tuesday afternoon but we have several options we are talking about.  Looks like we will try to do the Long Range Rifle and pistol as well as the shotgun Wobble event Monday after the match stages and then do the Speed events Tuesday as that will give us some flexibility Tuesday as all we need are short bays and not much steel.  Also the clean up after  the Wobble Trap may take some time so Monday should give us time to do so.


If you have not signed up for Winter Range might be good to do so.  It is coming up fast.  Also need any interested in the RO class.  I will get with the instructor and decide on a date very soon.


I need some help in running some of the side events so contact me if you are interested.


Evil Roy

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It looks like the Long Range Rifle and Pistol will both be held on Monday after the Main match stages.  So far I have Serenity and Legendary Lawman to run the event.  I need some help for them to spot and record.  I also need some help in the speed events on Tuesday.  Goatneck Clem will be running the Wobble Trap event on Monday and I believe he may need some help as well.  He can comment here about that.
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We shot Russian surplus ammo at them at 85 yards at EOT without damage.  I will go out and check but I do believe they were steel core.  I will check.  These targets are Action armor plate set at 45 degrees.  We will shoot them at 100, 125 and 150 yards.  I would prefer they were not steel core but again I will check.  The targets are pretty tough.
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Ken Griner our gunsmith checked some of the ammo I had given him which we had used at EOT.  It does attract a magnet so it is steel core.  We had no problem with the ammo as far as the Action angled targets we used so they will be allowed.  It is what I will be bring for loaner ammo for the loaner Nagant.


I will try to get Sunshine to do an Email blast on what we are doing so it gets to all signs ups.  Call me if you have a question.  970 903-8044.

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