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Through the years, there has been changes to WB and the rules, even the firearms.  Reasons for shooting WB, or not shooting WB have been noted.  Some might even question the necessity, legitimacy of Wild Bunch as it stands.  However, perhaps one BIG change might change all of this.

Add multiple COSTUME CATEGORIES!  We certainly need to have vigorous Costuming requirement as part of our discipline to gain status, participation, and recognition.  You may doubt that, but in look at the matches.  Many costuming awards and increased participation.  Costuming competition/recognition even was heavily displayed in the last Chronicle; more was written about it and the award winners than either WB or Cowboy itself, it seemed.  CF=Costuming Factor, could be added.  Perhaps we could dress up more and shoot less per match (also saving primers!).  We'll see if this gets traction (with non-lugged sole boots, of course).

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We could do funny hats! Nothing more funnier than a funny hat! They could be judged by color,shape,

size and originality. As a matter of fact probably best just to leave the Wild Bunch shooters out of it because all a WB shooter wants to do is shoot that 45 a bunch along with shotgun and rifle. The worst afflicted ones go off the deep end with acronyms saying things like BAMM,Doughboy,Teddy Roosevelt and really make a hard turn to GAMM,LAMM,CAMM,popgun,PCC4mE and other indecipherable things. Tragic really..... ;D ;D of course I’m joking and I  know you are too!  Dusty Boddams

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Seriously you might want to try a Zoot Suit Shoot. Gangsters carried 1911s, 1897s and Thompsons. There’s a Zoot Shooters sub forum at Cascity, check it out. We do a 2 inch snubnose cas match at ECSASS where a DA snubnose is shot along with our main match guns for 3 stages. I put on pinstripes, my fedora and a nickel 1911. Maybe WB needs to broaden its palette and evolve to attract some new shooters. Same thing sass needs to do. I have photos but your forum won’t let me post them.
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