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Round count for 2022 Wild Bunch Action Shooting Championships?

Dead Head

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So, you're only going to bring the exact number of rounds?

Figure 5 mags per stage as the max, I know some will be less, some more.

Figure 10 rounds of rifle per stage, again some will be less.

Figure 6 rounds of shotgun per stage, yes again some may be less.

Then you get 350, 100, 60. And that's with no reshoots.

Yes, you might go home with some unspent rounds but why should that matter, at least you've got enough to shoot the main match.

As for side matches, figure out how many times you want to shoot speed this or that and do the match.

It's not rocket surgery.



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Round count for WB EOT usually comes out about a month or less before the match. There are several drafts that have to be done when writing a large match and they are sent back and forth between the match director, wbas board of directors, host range and The Sass Wildbunch. You have to make sure you have the targets, distances, structures and stage accessories in line sometimes from thousands of miles away. Should be out soon.... calm down...
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