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1911 hammer bite

Jack Spade

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I am shooting an auto ordnance 1911 and shooting traditional category.  I have shot different 1911's all my life but never had one bite me like this one does.  First time out it drew blood on my hand.  This time I gripped it really hard with my ring and little finger putting more pressure on the bottom of the grip and while it didn't draw blood it left a welt.  Do I need to bob the hammer?  Anything else I need to do to stop this?  Will a flat main spring housing help?  Gun is just for shooting wild bunch so I don't mind modifying it. 
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I shoot a Colt Govt Model 70 traditional.


Flat mainspring doesn't let the web of hand move down enough.  The longer (dimension away from the safety's pin) grip safety from A1 does help quite a bit.


But the best solution is to take a little metal off the top of the grip safety and bottom of hammer spur until the hammer, at full slide recoil, leaves a quarter inch of air gap, or more if you have more skin to get in the way.  Leaves the hammer in the same overall dimensions, just removes the interference.  When my gun was new, the hammer spur would come back far enough to touch the grip safety, leaving a ding.  You can see how that is an automatic bite if there's skin in the way.


good luck, GJ

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Don’t think my 1911s have got me yet. The main 1911 that I used for years was a heinz Colt ww1 slide and a essex frame with all original 1911 parts, hammer, safety, housing etc. I picked up a lovely nickeled Cimarron 1911 next and now I’m shooting an older AO 1911 a1[?]. My suggestion would be for the op to swap parts between the AO and one that doesn’t bite to figure out the cause of it. Also shoot duelist.
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