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We had a Great Wild Bunch Match Sunday.


Shell Stuffer was First overall and First Men's Modern.

Mean Mary, for the second year in a row, was First Lady Overall, and First Lady's Modern.


Other category winners include:  Stomper,"Junior Boy;" Don Jorge, Senior Modern; Buffalo Dick, Senior Traditional; and Blastin Brad, Men's Traditional.


State Champions include Stomper, Mean Mary, Shell Stuffer, Don Jorge, Comstock Charlie (Senior Traditional).


Top Ten:  Shell Stuffer, Billy the Avenger, Don Jorge, Jean Duke, Coop Dog, Burn Through, Blastin Brad, Hairless, Mackinaw Jack, and Buffalo Dick.


Full results are on the Long Nine Cowboys Facebook page.


Some called the match/stages challenging.  It was Hot and Humid.  We had firearm malfunctions.  We had misses.  And WE HAD FUN; IT'S WILD BUNCH!


After the match, we had ice cream during the Award Ceremony.


It was Great to shoot with such a great group, who not only worked hard during the match, but helped with the tear-down after the match.

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