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New “top end” for 1911

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I’m sure there are others out there who enjoy tinkering and building.


I’ve looked at buying a second 1911 as a backup, or just because.  Then it occurred to me that I could get some of the changes I would like by changing the slide.  Probably get a new barrel as well.


Anyone have a recommendation of brands?  Places to buy?


Complete uppers for AR pattern rifles are very common but I don’t see 1911 “complete uppers” offered for sale, other than .22 conversions.  Probably because they will require fitting.


If no complete uppers, same question about purchasing slides and barrels.

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Slides are available. Basically stripped. Buy a KART barrel. Fitting the barrel to the frame/slide is not a job for the beginner. Better off to get parts to someone like Boggus Deal and have him fit everything. Better yet tell him what you want and he can do the whole job.  Will need the frame to make everything fit.  NOT an easy job if the frame is off spec at all. Expect it to cost a few hundred $$ total for parts/labor.  Sometimes it is cheaper to get an inexpensive pistol and have it tuned than trying to retrofit.  JMHO from someone in the business for 50+ years. Talk to Boggus. He will give you good advise and is currently active.  I'm retired.
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My first 1911 experience was putting a Colt NM slide on a Caspian frame back in the 70s. While hard it wasn’t impossible. I’ve built a couple others using a 1911 ww1 slide and a 1991A1 slide on Essex frames. It’s been years since I’ve messed with one. The last was the Colt 1991 slide on a frame that the dust cover was cut too short that I put a Recover grip unit on. Strip your frame and carry it to a big gunshow and look for s 1911 parts guy. See if he’ll let you try his used slides on your frame. There are 460 results for 1911 slides on fleabay. Good luck.
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I just picked up a slide & barrel on county auction site.Its a Springfield 1911A1.Lookin to maybe building me another one from it


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