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MO Championship - Pershing's Pursuit - Sept 17-19


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Come join us for the best Wild Bunch in the Missouri territory! Join Missouri's own General "BlackJack" Pershing as we fight through 10 main match stages. Report in on Friday, and join us for a three stage Doughboy & Teddy Roosevelt sidematch along with other favorites such as BAMM and speed events.


We will update match information on our website https://bearcreekvolunteers.com/StateWB.html


Email us at bearcreekvol@gmail.com or the match director: Handlebar Scratch handlebar@thegunengraver.com or 417-865-5953


Feel free to ask questions here as well.


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Looking forward to it! You boys just taught me a new trick too:


This fella needs one more pistol round, so he loads a full mag, drops the slide, drops the mag, then fires his one shot and discards. IMO, this is far superior to carrying a barney mag. I hope to learn more tricks like these in September  :D


It's also good to see so many tactical reloads.

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That's actually my brother shooting and myself running the timer. I believe Elwood taught that to us, but we have been happy to share it with others. Just showed it to a couple of shooters at EoT. Looking forward to shootin' with you.
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Who is the next to last shooter in the clip? Shot duelist and slam fired his sg. Very slick. Would love to get out there.



That is me, Artemus Von Schutze, we were having some fun that day. Your always welcome to join us. We shoot Wild Bunch every first Saturday of the month, or the easier option would be to join us at our state match.

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Artemus, I can’t tell you how impressed I was with your shooting. As a duelist myself [always have been] I’m always pleased to see a shooter shoot his 1911 correctly and fast. Very smooth reloads too. I’ve never seen anyone use the M12’s slam fire feature the way that you did. Something that I will need to try out on my plate rail. Good shooting sir.
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