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'97 Feeding problems


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I have a Norinco (IAC) '97 with 2 symptoms:


(1) Sometimes it will not feed a round into the chamber. This will occur regardless of how fast or slow I work the slide.


2) Sometimes while feeding a round into the chamber the following round will drop out of the bottom of the gun.


Thank you for any assistance.


Deputy Dan


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#1 - you need to provide more description to get much help.  But, if the nose of the round is stabbing into the back end of the barrel instead of starting in, you need to look at what causes the carrier to be in the wrong spot as the bolt starts forward.


#2 - dirty shell stops, or worn springs on the shell stops, usually.  They open to let the shell out of mag but don't snap closed to hold the NEXT round in the mag tube.  A very common problem with Chinese 97s.


good luck, GJ

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Symptom 1:

The shell does not come out of the magazine. It may take 2 or more pumps of the slide to get the shell to come out of the magazine.


Maybe worn shell stops or shell stop springs for this issue as well?


Other than Numrich, is there any other reliable supplier for replacement parts?


Thank you for any further assistance.


Deputy Dan


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Ahlman's Gunshop in Minnesota might have parts.  Since that was Coyote Cap's family shop.


Outlaw Gambler may have parts.  Send a message on the SASS cowboy wire to him. 


Shell not coming out of magazine tube:


Check first that the carrier is clearing the end of the tube when fully lowered.

Check that tube is seated well in receiver.

Check for rough edges and poor fit and anything catching rim of shell as it transitions from tube to carrier.

Weak spring or spring that has been shortened too much.

Dirty mag tube or follower, bent or dinged tube or follower, unlubricated (I use Boeshield T9, some others use Eez-ox)

Can certainly be shell stops that don't open enough to let shell out of mag.  If shell comes out a little but stops before carrier picks it up, could be sticky/dirty/gummed up shell stops.


good luck, GJ


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