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Round Count for EOT Wild Bunch!!!! UPDATE 5/20/21

Back 40

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WOW, this is why I love Wild Bunch:

Main Match

Pistol  322

Rifle      68

Shotgun 76

Also, you will need ammo for the 3 stage warmup.  side match speed pistol, speed rifle, speed shotgun.

PLUS, if you haven't had enough, The new Teddy Roosevelt long range, (Damn, gonna have to buy a another gun) the Doughboy stage, the Sgt. York stage and the BAMM long range.

Side note:  Things to practice, shotgun reloads and rifle, (Yes, rifle) reloads.    As far as I know, there is still open slots for EOT Wild Bunch. 




RIFLE    61


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Sgt Alvin York was awarded the Medal of Honor for an attack during the Argonne Offensive in France in WWI.  He used his rifle to clear a German machine gun nest, and was then charged by 6 German soldiers with bayonets.  He drew his pistol, and shot them all starting with the last one in line and working forward. 

This side match honours his actions.  You start with your BAMM rifle and 5 rounds of ammunition, and shoot at long range targets.  You then switch to your pistol, and with 6 rounds engage the pistol targets starting on the back one and coming forward.  We have not finalized distances but at Winter Range last year, the rifle targets were set at 100 to 150 yards and the pistol targets from 40 to 70 yards.


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I read the Handbook language about BAMM/Doughboy ammo.  Will the EOT instructions vary from the lead bullet requirements?


I can bring a K-31 and/or a 1903 Springfield, assuming my work schedule allows me to make it for side match day.  I am not set up to load either cartridge.  Is there a source for EOT compliant ammunition for these rifles?

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