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Shotgun reload slide

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As a rule I don’t wear a shotshell belt in Wild Bunch unless the stage has more than six shotgun targets.  I’m inclined to order a slide for my gunbelt to hold some shotshells and a rifle cartridge or two.


What is the trend for an adequate number of shotgun shells to carry to the line?  Four would be pretty compact and would cover a ten round stage.

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Abe E.S.


Most shooters carry at least one or two spare shotgun rounds on their belt in case they need to reload due to a malfunction or shucked round.  You can not make up a Miss, but you are able to use legally acquired rounds to fire the round count specified in the stage.    If there is a stage that requires multiple reloads, I use an extra shotgun belt that I have from cowboy.    Additionally, you can always safely stage rounds at the different engagement positions in order to complete the stage. 



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Whatever the stage calls for, I carry the same amount extra on my SG belt. so if its a 6 round stage, i have 6 in my gun and 6 on my belt. Ya Never know whats gonna happen wither it be dropping shells on a wet day while reloading or a part breaks and you need to single load the gun.
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I had my local leather shop make me a slide holding two shotgun rounds.  I ended up needing them this past weekend  (plus one spare shell that I had the foresight to put in my pocket) at Comancheria Days when my 1897 started acting up.  We also had one 7 round shotgun stage where the slide came in handy.


A month ago I staged a a shell on the line and the wind had blown it off when I reached for it.


Doc sends.



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