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Another newbie question

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If cast bullets don't feed well in your 1911, you have chosen a poor bullet shape, or your 1911 REALLY needs a throating job, or you are loading to non-suitable length, or leaving some of the front band of the slug exposed above the case mouth.


I shoot two different designs of cast bullets (conventionally lubed) in a couple of 1911s and have a hard time remembering one that failed to feed in either over the last 5 years.  And I've loaded for another wild bunch shooter as well, and his gun doesn't have any feed issues.


But, coated bullets can be shot with the same load data as cast bullets of the same weight, sometimes producing less muzzle velocity though. And they do keep the gun much cleaner since bullet lube is not being squirted into the action and chamber.  So, not saying that you need to avoid poly coated slugs.  Just that I don't think changing from a lubed bullet to a coated bullet is going to improve feeding.  Your lead bullet load has some sort of problem, most likely the driving band sticking out beyond the case mouth.


Regardless of which type of slug you load, every single one of your assembled rounds needs to be chamber checked to ensure they will feed.  Dillon makes a good checker gauge.  Faster than taking the barrel out of your 1911.


good luck, GJ



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