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Philippine Constabulary Carbine BAMM legal?

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Since we allow shortening of stocks on long guns, if the rest of that Krag carbine has been kept in military configuration, I would GUESS that it would be allowed.  Certainly is old enough. 


Probably having the rules committee look at a few pictures will be what is needed for a solid answer.  Grab your phone or camera and take a few, in focus!


Be aware that loading after the first five rounds on that gun will be slower than most other BAMM rifles.


good luck, GJ

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DH, those are scarce rifles. Congratulations on having one! Those guns were modified by the govt Arsenal. Actually several unique things were done to them. My understanding was about 4000 done at The Phillipine Arsenal and I think there were about that many converted by the Springfield arsenal. I agree with GJ. It’s plenty old enough and was an as issued arm. I see no problem with it and you are welcome anytime to bring it to Texas. I’m sure we will have the  big boys chime in as whether legal or not for a final ruling but looks great to me. As a side note I saw a video about GAF and there was a cat that could load that thing about as fast as I use stripper clips in an 03. A sight to behold! Dusty
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Per the rule book:


The rifle must be an original caliber bolt-action rifle issued by any country to its military forces through the end of WWII. It must be as issued with original iron battle sights and NO external modifications. Internal modifications are allowed. Faithful reproductions are allowed. Unless an exception is listed for a specific match, ALL BAMM bullets must be of pure lead or lead alloy. Gas checks are allowed but NOT jacketed bullets.


If it is original configuration and caliber as issued by the Philippine government, it is legal for BAMM.

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Actually I haven't bought the rifle yet.  Just watching it on an auction site.  I am pretty new and am intrigued by the new Doughboy side match, but don't handload (yet)  and the only commercial Cowboy rifle ammo I can find is 30-40.  The Constabulary Carbine has always intrigued me.  The on on the auction site might be a fake, but if so, would prob ably fall into the "faithful reproduction" category.


Speaking of faithful reproductions: do the Krag ri=fles that were cut down to carbines by Bannermans or the DCM in the early 20th century qualify?


I know that reloading a Krag is a competitive disadvantage compared to a rifle fed by a stripper clip.  I have 03s, SMLEs, 98s, even Lebels and Berthier's in my collection, but no legal ammo.


Doc sends.

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