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A Shameless Plug

J. Frank Norfleet

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It's Valentines Day and here I am in a ground blizzard in NM; snow, 35 mph wind, 0 degrees with a windchill of -24. It's 61 degrees and sunny in AZ at the state WB match at Cowtown. Sorry I couldn't shoot with you.


Because it is February 14, I am seeing all these memes celebrating the birthday of the 1911 as February 14, 1911. That is one of the patent dates roll stamped on slides of many 1911s. That patent date is actually for JMBs prototype, the Model 1909. The patent date for the 1911, as we know it, is August 19, 1913, the last patent date stamped on the slide.


I know that how? I spent a lot of time on an article for the Cowboy Chronicle on the patent dates and the history of the 1911. Since it is in the online only version, nobody read it and I am making a shameless plug (pages 46-48).




One of my motivations for writing the article was to show that the 1911 was developed as a cavalry pistol. JMB designed it so that it could be de-cocked and cocked with one hand. He envisioned it to be carried hammer down on a live round, like the single action pistol it would replace. Only at the insistence of the ordinance department did he add a thumb safety on the final version of the pistol.


The history of the pistol is right there, stamped on the slide.


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Hi J Frank

Yes, please plug away.  We should have done that for you.  It was a great article, very informative.  Well done.


Serenity and I are commiserating with you right now.  This is the first time we have missed the Arizona State Wild Bunch match in years.  They won't let us across the border right now.  Our winter in Canada here has not been as bad as what you are going through.  Yesterday I would have said it with a smile but today we are digging out of 8" to 10" of snow with a high of 20.  Sure miss Arizona.


Thanks for the article.

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