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New WB shooter with a magazine question

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Hey guys. I've shot my first WB match a few weeks ago and have since started working up basic equipment to keep enjoying this aspect of SASS.


So, my question is this: I have two colt mags that are great. no base pad at all. I also have two mags with slim base pads. one is an Armscore and one is a Wilson Combat. Their base pad allows any extra rounds, or gives and real advantage that I can figure, but the rule say no base pads AT ALL are allowed.


So, do I need to figure out how to switch these base pads out with steel bases, or are these slim type pads considered legal?


Thanks guys


Hurricane Deck

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On pg. 5 of the WB Handbook it states


"Magazines must be standard length and cannot hold more than eight rounds.

No extended base pads on magazines. This means NO base pads of any kind".


I personally would just go out and purchase new magazines and not touch two good magazines that work good in your pistol.



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