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BAMM Match at Outlaw Trail


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  The Wild Bunch Match Director at Outlaw Trail has sent out an email to all WB Shooters that the BAMM Match will be shot with lead bullets only.  Not to worry..........If you are not set up for lead bullets in you rifle I will have extra BAMM Rifles and lead bullets for any one who would like to shoot the Match.

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The folks in Texas to date have required lead bullets.  For the side match at EOT this year Evil Roy brought some targets (Evil Roy of course) that were made of AR500 steel and have a head angle of 45 degrees.  So they allowed jacketed bullets because the targets would not be harmed.  For OT we have the AR500 targets but they have to be modified to a 45 degree angle.


To answer your question, it depends on the steel being shot.  You could shoot paper but there there is no target feed back.  So it depends on the range hosting the side match.  Get some lead bullets!



Got finished typing all that and found the BAMM rules Goatneck posted on the top of this forum.

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