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Eldorado Smith

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New guy to WB here.  I have a Colt Classic, a 73 and a model 12.  How many mags will I need for a match?  Need leather. How many mag pouches on my belt and how many shotgun shells.  Do I need any extra rifle or pistol rounds on my belt?  I have a shotgun belt for CAS but for this rig would rather use sliders.  What do I need?
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In my area four magazines are usually all that is needed, but it’s always good to have extras in case of a malfunction.


The rules now allow shooters to stage magazines and ammunition, so it’s not necessary to spend a bunch of money on magazine pouches, sliders, etc.


You can save money on the holster, since it need only retain the pistol until you draw it.  We never reholster on the clock.  A holster made for a single action revolver will usually serve pretty well.


You probably know that we load the shotgun magazine at the LT so you need not load shells from your body.  Occasionally you might see a stage with more than six shotgun targets but not often.  You can carry extra shotshells and rifle cartridges in case you toss one out, but again you can also stage them.

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For shotgun and rifle reloads, I have been very well served by a Mernickel combination shell slide that has 4 SG and 5 rifle loops on it.  That snaps right over my gun belt.  Simple, simple, simple.  If I feel a need to have more, I have a separate shotgun shell belt, AND of course I can stage SG rounds on stages that have horizontal surface props, too.


Pistol reloads will ALWAYS be done in WB by pulling another magazine.  Never by loading a loose round in the 1911.  That's prohibited anyway.


I'd suggest 6 total magazine holders on your gun belt.  You can spread them around your waist now, but I still like all of mine on the off-side from the holster and 1911.  3 holders that have two mag pouches in each and that tuck together for minimal belt space are my favorite.  Mernickel has some nice ones, for example.    Your local matches may only have 21 or 28 round limited pistol count, but if you go to any major matches, you will find stages up to 42 pistol rounds!



Good luck, GJ


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  Start by attending a local match. You have the basics do not sweat the rest. If the group you visit get up set, find a different group.

  I started with my GCNM 1911, Lever gun in 45C, an reproduction 1897.


  And I got to shoot with one of the greatest, Goatneck Clem. A true gentleman great gunsmith to boot. I live on land he use to plow. He is missed. My WB group is now headed up by Dusty Boddoms, a very reachable man. You can send him a personal inquiry thru this PB tab.


    I used the good old GI web belt with 3 GI web pouches cutting off the over flaps, an eBay 1911 holster, an a Kbar. Cheap Wal mart suspender's worn inside out between body an belt to hold thigs up. (i lost my hips an butt sometime ago) extra shotgun shells (2) in left breast pocket, not pants.


Welcone to a great sport. Come to Texas look up Texas Dougboys 2763 fm 1125, Bowie Tx third saturday 8:30ish.


The Watauga Kid.

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