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Short range BAMM targets?

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What are you using for short range (say, 20-30 yards) BAMM targets? My club's range equipment guy isn't too sure about letting me use the club steel targets and i am not keen on going downrange to patch cardboard targets after each shooter. Ideally, i want something that can swing enough to spot a hit. Putting the targets further away is not an option on this particular range.

Thanks for your input!


Four Fingers Fred

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Even with lead bullets in the cartridges used for BAMM the only target material that will stand up is AR550 or AR500. MGM targets in ID uses 550 and Action Target in UT uses 500.  Some other target companies like Salute, etc. Use 500 0r 550.  AR 450 will NOT stand up to the punishment.  Since I have shot IDPA/USPSA and IDPA for years I don't find pasting up targets to be a real handicap.
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I would not shoot military bolt rifles at 25 yards.  It completely takes out requirements to have knowledge of windage and trajectory.    And safety aspects of a 1500+ FPS lead bullet (most with gas checks) at 25 yards on a STEEL target is a challenge.  Shooting that close would have to be on paper, and that is not usually very interesting for most folks used to steel target shooting. 


I'd think with your range conditions (30 yards, no resetting or paper repair), I would not even consider it.  And I am a BIG proponent of BAMM matches.  But, I am a rifle shooter from way back and greatly enjoy the challenges that come about from moderate to longer ranges.  Shooters that shoot short ranges like 30 yards will not learn much for their future performance at conventional BAMM matches. 


Even Appleseed matches shoot 50 and 100 yards, AFAIK.


I have some about-life-size sparrow targets I cut from 3/8" mild steel.  I have shot those at 25 yards offhand with bolt and semi-auto 22 LR.  THAT is kinda fun. 


Good luck, GJ



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FFF, a little different take on it but here goes - a 30 yard shot on a small ar 500 plate is safe and doesn’t have to move much to be seen and heard. Mild steel will not work. Don’t be tempted to try. To make a challenge for all shoot at 4-6” plates offhand. All you need is 3 plates/stands. Nevada sweep,regular sweep,double tap,double tap,single on last or change it up and put the last round on center.  It’s not as easy as it sounds! Especially when shots are concentrated to time. I wouldn’t exceed 1500 fps and actually if this is being shot regularly 12-1300 would be great. 170 g.c. Lead Bullet of course. Basically at this velocity you can have a lot fun and you are shooting a BAMM ! You get the competition,get to play with the bolt guns and have a blast doing it! Why the heck not? Dusty
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