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Redoing my 1917a1 prop Browning into a gas gun

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I built this many years ago and used it in a couple of my cas clubs WB shoots long before there was a SASS WB. I started back on it and built a more correct tripod a few years ago but recently I decided to redo it into a gas gun [propane and air]. I found a guy on the web that was selling gas kits and seeing his work I was impressed. It initially had battery powered motors in it to cycle the bolt and bbl in and out and a boom box that played a loop tape of a machine gun firing when the trigger was pulled. It was crude, heavy, not a very accurate copy but was fun prop. My most ambitious prop till now. A poor mans 1917. So I’ve recently ripped it apart and started on it for a third time. I added 4 inches to the recvr and narrowed it, I’m also making the water jacket a little smaller but not as small as it should be.  Poetic license. I’ve riveted the recvr supports on the sideplates and built the trigger assembly. I made it so I can get to the switch in case it acts up. Im using my local weld shop for that part as I don’t weld. Working on the charging handle now. Still waiting on some aluminum and steel metal to show up.


Cannot get my photos to load. Just tried 20 times. I really do have pictures. Just posted a photo of my rugers on the sass forum , same exact photo won’t post here. Whats the secret?


Tried browse and pulled a photo of my wife from my MacBook cloud storage and it accepted her.???


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