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Mags padded and ready to roll!


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When the leather magazine pad rule was made I thought, man what a bunch of wimps.  :)

But then the heel of my left hand gets bruised just from slamming the mags in, so I decided to go ahead and give the pads a try.  At first I was going to make a few but with my lack of leather or tools I thought what the heck, they will be a lot nicer and a lot less hassle to just order some from Mernickle, and the price isn't bad.  So I had ordered them but not yet received them when I shot my last WB match at Plum Creek Shooting Society, and dang if I didn't get for the first time ever the dreaded pinch that hurts like hell for days and raised a blood blister.  So anyway, I was happy to get these.  Glued them on with E6000 since that's what I had and seems like it is holding fine.  So I am ready to go for the next match!  The lanyard ring mags will continue to be used for the first mag of the stage, plus one of them is my Barney mag (which I actually used for the first time at the last match).


Now if I can just get my weird reloading issue figured out after changing to coated bullets - but that's another story.







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Well, leather base pads are now OK, but rubber is not yet OK.  Is there an advantage that rubber offers that leather does not?  Does bumping a rubber base pad cause the magazine to be inserted with more force?  Is there some mechanical advantage to rubber that I didn't recognize?


Seems to me that if something other than the metal base plate is approved, the material of the base pad shouldn't make any difference.  I'd prefer to use rubber base pads to absorb the shock of the magazine hitting the ground.

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