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Springfield 1911A1 Mil Spec WBAS-legal?

Mustang Gregg

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I am new to the WBAS.  So I'm asking some beginner questions here---


I'm pondering getting a Springfield 1911A1 Mil Spec model.

Is the box-stock pistol (in stainless) okay for WBAS?

Or is that pistol only legal for WBAS in the "modern" category?


I am the match director at the Lincoln Area Regulators SASS Club (Izaak Walton Range, Bennet, NE).

For our first 2020 matches, we are going to use 1911's in our weekend matches in place of six-guns before going into WBAS whole-hog.

But I want to make damn sure that I buy a pistol that is approved for real WBAS shooting.


Much obliged,

Mustang Gregg

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Mustang Gregg, like what your doing there at your club monthly shoots. When we do our WB we also have non WB shooters participate. They shoot 10 and WB shoots 15-20 per stage and everyone engages the same rifle and sg target arrays. I wish I could come out and shoot and see how you guys make out. Good luck on your WB match.


Give’em hell, Pike!

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Thanks for all of the replies.  We will sure take any helpful hints [and criticism] to make our LAR shoots successful.


Our stage engagement orders will not be changing for the 1911 shooters. 

But this way you can shoot twice, but using different categories.

So it will still mostly be 10-10-4+.  But auto pistols will be grounded on a table or prop instead of reholstering it.



As far as using the Springfield Armory 1911A1 Mil Spec, I like it better because the sights are just a smidgen taller than the RIA's that I have now.

Maybe I'll sell off my RIA.


Much obliged,





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