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All of them are OK.  A cowboy hat is OK.  Most other hats "of the period" are OK (I've seen newsboy caps, railroad caps, etc).  No hat is OK.


Mine is a 1902 brown USMC campaign/slouch hat.  Figure with about 14 years of campaign wear, it would just be broken in when I had to go chase banditos south of the border.


Good luck, GJ

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Jorge, one more thing about original olive colored pre ww1 campaign hats. They were made by several manufacturers. That means various shades of color. Officers bought private purchase Stetsons if they had the means. Throw in sun,rain and sweat it’s easy to see lots of different colors on olive hats. Saw one hat with the color called whiskey, looked right with a medium brownish tone. Dark brown I would think would look later and black wouldn’t be seen unless the look you’re trying to portray is not military but a soldier of fortune type actor. We don’t have any fashion police in wild Bunch that I’m aware of.  One interesting thing is the hat Garrison Joe has would have started out with a regular looking crease and then on campaign would have gathered water and leaked resulting in the enlisted men using the Montana crease to shed water better and later this would be adopted by the military and that’s how the campaign hat as we know it came to be.  Dusty
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