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  Just reporting in on our latest match Down Under.    From noon on Friday until noon Sunday (22-24 Nov) we ran "South of the Border" here in Canberra ACT, Australia.  We had 26 shooters registered, and 25 shot the match.  For us that is an excellent turnout.


Friday afternoon was for side matches.  A 25 round Bolt Action match.  A 2 Stage "Doughboy" match.  Speed Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun and Precision Pistol.


Saturday and Sunday saw us shoot 10 Main match stages and on Saturday afternoon those who were keen to shoot some more had a go at another Precision Pistol side match that my fevered imagination came up with.  I called it the "Classic Precision Pistol" and it was 7 rounds shot on one of those big slow fire pistol targets...at 25 metres.... and ONLY using the classic "teapot" Duellist stance lol.  It was a lot of fun....  winning score was 65/70.    Not too shabby!


It seems that everyone had a great time... and as the temperature didn't get up to 115 as it did at the last 2 day match in January it was rather more pleasant!


Planning is under way for the next event.... We are unable to run POP type matches here... minimum legal barrel length is 4.75" so you can see the problem... SO.. We are going to offer another side match to try to bring interesting old guns out of safes and back to the range....  The intention is to have an event for "any handgun issued to/used by a military force prior to the end of WW2...  OTHER THAN a 1911."  Should be fun! 


Will try to post some photos of the match....

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