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Weight of magazine with legal base pad?


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The current rules read "Empty magazines must weigh no more than three ounces."  I would like a clarification that magazine weight was not changed when base pads were legalized.


I have reviewed the records from several years of state WB matches and found the average weight was just over 2.5 ounces with a couple of heavy outliers at 2.7 ounces.  A glued-on pad should not make the the average magazine over weight, but a screwed on pad on one of the heavy outliers could push it over the 3 ounce limit.



Ozark Shark

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I just weighted 42 samples from Mernickle.  The heaviest one was 2.074 grams. The thickest material allowed as it was .246" thick. An outlier in the group and NOT a production part. A preproduction sample. That translates to .073 ounces.  The committee makes NO statement as to how the pads can be attached but everyone I have had contact with is using contact cement.  If a shooter decides to use a small screw they are responsible for the weight, however, I doubt it will make the magazine over 3 ounces. But, just like power factor, I would recommend NOT pushing the limits.
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