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Model 12 Action Jobs - Who ??


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Hello the Wild Bunch Wire -


Late last year I purchased my first Model 12 scattergun for WB Shooting.


Last week, the Battle Born Rangers based in Fernley Nevada, hosted our 3rd Nevada State WB Match. During that match I had the privilege of being possed with many good shooters of which most were using Model 12's. 


The Model 12 I purchased many months ago just does not feed properly. I did address this problem on this forum and Goatneck, who is no longer with us, responded to me explaining the problem and how to fix the problem. Unfortunately I never took the time to have Goatneck fix my ailing Model 12.


Now, being out in the middle of basically no-where, I again have absolutely no idea on who does Model 12 action work.


Any help offered, either on this forum or in a PM to me would be greatly appreciated.


By the way - for our match last week, Tully Mars (a frequent contributor to this forum) came to visit us and again took 'Top Honors' for the match. It was a pleasure to be on the same posse with him, watch him shoot his 45 and Model 12 and an honor for him to call me his friend.


Our scores for the 2019 Nevada State Wild Bunch Match will be posted on the following link just as soon as our webmaster catches up from a week of heavy involvement with the Reno Air Races. 




Thanks - J.J.

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No problem, my friend. I had too many duties last week with both the NV State WB Championship and the 23rd Annual Roop County Days to deal with much else. Thanks for your help last week. Your efforts to help our organization out are exactly why you were appointed to a WB Ambassador position.


See you this weekend (perhaps) at the Gold Country WB Match at DDCT.



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