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Modern Shooting Gloves - Definition


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Hi All . . .


I hope this will be a quick question - though I doubt it.


Today while out tossing rounds down range, I was asked what the definition of 'modern shooting gloves' is? I had absolutely no idea and the rules deal with nothing specific other than saying they are not allowed.


I think I understand that if I were to go to the local Sportsman Warehouse and pick up a set of gloves labeled 'shooting gloves' than these type of items are not allowed. I got that part.


Now how about if a person comes to a match with a pair of cowboy roper gloves (some are very thin leather) with the trigger finger cut off? Is this allowed? How about if the trigger finger is not cut off? Or how about if a shooter stops at the Home Depot and brings home a set of those nice $14.95 gloves that fit tightly and are strapped down at the wrist with velcro? I also suspect these types if gloves might not be allowed.


Not attempting to stir up any controversies, just attempting to get some clarification.


thanks in advance  -  J.J.



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JJ, I’m sure HJ will chime in with an answer but I would think modern shooting gloves are just that. A modern glove designed specifically for shooting lots of the time with special padding and straps. Leather work gloves or fitted roper leather gloves etc are just farm and ranch type gloves that are legal for our game. Modern Home Depot gloves would be illegal because they are nylon,Velcro,padded etc.
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I am sure Happy Jack will chime in.  As a committee we have never discussed this.  In the past when people have asked me, I have gone with the following criteria.  If they are leather roping gloves, no matter how thin, they are allowed.  If you cut off the shooting finger or even all the fingers, they are still allowed.  Basically, the roping gloves are what a cowboy might/would have in those days.  Cutting the end off the fingers doesn’t change the era of the gloves. 

As you point out, nylon, Velcro and such on the gloves puts them in the modern era and not allowed.  Given the number of people that have asked me, it is a great question.  HJ, as chair, will have the last say.


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Hey All -


Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.


The answers given are right along the lines I though they would be.


It's always good to know that the WB Forum can give quality answers to odd questions concerning our written rules.


Thanks again - J.J.

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