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Short Stroke Kits for the 73 in WB

Joe Burr

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Good morning, I just shot my first club level Wild Bunch shoot yesterday; it was a hoot! I am definitely hooked!!


The topic of short stroke kits came up a couple times yesterday. There were differences of opinion on this; one saying it's not permitted where others said you can short stroke your lever gun. I checked the rules last night and from what I can see short stroking is permitted provided the lever travel meets the minimum distance requirement.


My question about this is how does one know if they short stroke their 73 carbine it will meet the requirement before it's installed? I'm looking at putting one of the Pioneer Gun Works kits in my 73 and I am curious if anyone here has done the same and knows whether the standard short stroke kit and the super short stroke kit meet the rule requirements?

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Well, Pioneer folks are usually very willing to discuss the legality of their kits - you can call them.  Both of their kits I am familiar with are legal length of stroke.


One saying it's not permitted

You need to seek out pards who are quite a bit more knowledgeable of WB rules.   A short stroke for rifle follows same restrictions as on the Cowboy side.


Yes, I have the Pioneer standard short stoke kit in one of my 73s.  Quite legal and nicely built.


Good luck, GJ



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