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ammo testing

Lanky Frame

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Hi Lanky,  I do the testing at EOT with a labradar radar chronograph. Ammo is picked up at random from shooters at the loading table of on the way there. Not everyone is tested, just a random about 4 or 5 from each posse. 5 rounds of pistol and 5 rounds of rifle are used. I do the testing on Sunday afternoon if possible. If the shooter's ammo fails the shooter comes with their own guns and is re-tested. If they pass fine, if not a MDQ for SCORING ONLY. They still get to shoot just for no score. If a shooter's ammo is not picked but they still want to know they can come by when I am testing and we will shoot their ammo. if it FAILS that is still OK. They don't get the DQ because they weren't officially chosen. Lets newer shooters get a feel for their ammo if they don't have the ability to test it at home. We strongly recommend that ammo is around 160pf to give some leeway for temperature or the difference between chronographs at different matches.
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