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GAMM inaugural match at the Texican Rangers

Grouchy Spike

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On March 9, the Texican Rangers will include GAMM in the Saturday BAMM side match!  Limited to 8 rounds per scenario while the management becomes comfortable with the Garand reloads and safety. 


If successful, GAMM could be a side match at the club’s annual match Comancheria Days in 2020 as well as monthly matches alongside BAMM after March.  I’m thinking Doughboy in the future!


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The introduction of the Garand into side matches at Comanche Valley Vigilantes reached a crescendo at the Texas State WB match of 2018 in October, and it's resonating in Central and South Central Texas.  Stay tuned for updates about the 'music' of the Garands! 


The Doughboy category for local Wild Bunch matches is another tune to whistle.  Is there some good shooting to be done or what.  I'm kinda reacting like a puppy being petted! ::)

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We have started Doughboy Category at our monthly Wild Bunch matches at the Oakwood Outlaws. We have smaller targets scattered about at distances of about 40 to 75 yards,  bears, pigs, buzzards, turkeys and such.  It is a really FUN category.  We shoot on Monday after our regular week-end match.





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Blackfoot, I'm hoping to visit the Outlaws this year and join that WB match.  Thinking about that I could ride the grub line to Huntsville and bunk there while visiting grandkids, join you on Monday, stay over for the match at Willow Hole Cowboys on the following Saturday.


The Comanche Valley Vigilantes, the Outlaws and the Willow Hole Cowboys offer that Doughboy category, hopefully other clubs will do the same soon!

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