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Opinions on Gas Checks and looking for some 30 cal bullets

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First of all, Shellstuffer, my personal reloader, is looking for some .30cal bullets to reload some BAMM loads for me.  We need some 170 gr., 309 dia. with gas checks.    Oregon Trail only has a limited supply.

Also, what is your opinion on the need for using gas checks in the BAMM loads?

  Thanks in advance!


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Hey B40


We use a coated Gas Check bullet sized .310 @ 170gr. We use these in our bolt guns the  1903 & 1903A3's and our M1 Grands We push them @ 1550 FPS & 1850 FPS in the Grands.  These bullets are tack drivers. His name is Norm Percel in Roswell, NM.  Do not have his number in front of me....I will get Dusty to post it here.  He also sells 7MM & 8MM bullets.



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I find a gas check usually improves any lead bullet rifle load at least a little, and sometimes a lot.  I've tried the cheap stamped-from-aluminum-can gas checks, I find them worse than a bare base. So, I only use the commercial gilding metal GCs from Hornady, Lyman, etc.


Which 170 grain design do you like?  I could provide you a hundred or two of any of these three six that I have on my shelf:


Lyman # 311466 Loverin semi-spitzer with lots of lube grooves, about 165 grains


Lyman # 311291 Round Nose, about 170 grains


Lyman # 311467 Loverin semi-spitzer, about 175 grains.


Accurate 31-170-FT 170 grain flat nose copy of Loverin style


RCBS 165 grain silhouette design with flattened spitzer nose


NOE # 311-170-FN 170 flattened spitzer nose


Normally I lube with White Label 2500 or Carnuba Red lube, but have a couple of others I can slap on instead.....



Norm Purcella can be reached at: 575 625-2825.





Good luck, GJ




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