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Recommend a "CA Approved" 1911 for WB

Dirty Harry

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Look for a model called "Government" or Mil-Spec among the 1911s you are checking out. 



Commonly used lower-priced Traditional guns include:


A Colt Series 80 Government model ought to work, but it looks like it is not on CA list.  :-[


Remington R1 (apparently not on CA list)


Armscorp government models, including the several importers who all relabel Armscor guns (like Rock Island Armory).  Look for "California Compliant Pistol Available (model 51421-CA)"


Yep, AutoOrdnance has a few models


Yep, Springfield Armory Mil-Spec (has a CA compliant version)  --- would be my choice!


Good luck, GJ



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I’m in NC but I am curious about how a single stack 7 rd, .45 1911 could run afoul of CA’s pistol silliness?


In their infinite wisdom, Ca DOJ has a roster of approved guns that are allowed to sold new in the state. To get on that list, you must send a sample of every model you want tested to be approved. Each model costs better than $3000 to test. And by each model, I mean if you change the sights, it’s a different model. You change the finish, a different model. Compact or full size, different models. Most companies don’t want to/can’t spend the money to get that many guns approved..

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