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Is this mag holder legal?

Sgt Eli

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My reading on this is No, its not legal.    Max of two loops per holder is the way I read the rules.


Magazine pouches can hold either one or two magazines, one magazine per loop.


At least two inches of the magazine must be covered by the magazine pouch.


Pouches holding one magazine may be sewn directly on a belt but must hold the

magazines in the same manner as other magazine pouches.


If those seven loops were sewn onto a full belt, it would be legal.  If the holder could be cut into 3 2-mag holders, it would be legal.  But, unfortunately, as made, it would not be legal.


Now, to me the rules covering this situation seem a little "picky".  It might be possible to get a favorable ruling from the WB committee on this by requesting a review.   


Or, just get the style of 2 loop holders that several of the commercial leather makers have been making.  That's what many of us have done.


Good luck, GJ

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I agree with Garrison Joe. As currently written that magazine holder would be illegal. I also agree that we should look at it for 2020. The 2019 rule updates are already completed but won't be published until Dec. 1. It was never addressed because "snap on" magazine pouches holding more than 2 magazines were never considered as all pouches were either sewn directly on the belt or were ""slip on" holding 1 or 2. I think I would support a future rule change allowing this type of product but for now at a sanctioned match it would be illegal. I think almost all local clubs would make an exception and allow it.
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It was originally a belt, all sewn to the belt. Belt took a crap so I cut them off and added the snap feature to fit over new belt but I didn't think they would be considered legal by definition of the rules. I made new mag pouches but if this could be reviewed and ok'd that would be great.
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