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WTC overloading a magazine


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At a recent WB state match here in OZ a shooter mistakenly, or inadvertantly overloaded one of his magazines.

The shooter shot the stage, with no problems only to have the TO say AFTER he finished the stage, that he "noticed" that one of his magazines had an extra round, but the mag was still in his belt in the pouch and was not used in the stage?

He awarded the shooter a MSV?? It says in the rule book that this is the penalty for overloading, but if it's not used does that still apply? Seems awfully harsh if that's the case?

If he has not used the magazine how can this be MSV? I would have thought the TO (he was a newly qualified RO 2 days earlier) would have gone to the shooter and say, you've got an extra round in that mag, make sure you correct it before it gets you a MSV maybe at another stage.

Had he shot that mag and used all the rounds, it would have been use of illegally acquired ammo and the respective penalties applied would it not?

There's no penalty for overloading the rifle any longer and with a rifle you cannot see if it's overloaded??? Why the penalty for overloading a magazine if you don't use it?

Wondering What's the call here ?

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Why was the TO counting rounds in magazines on someone's belt? If the TO is going to that extreme and see's an issue before the stage is started, they should allow the shooter the opportunity to correct the problem rather than allow the shooter to proceed and incur a penalty. At least that's how I see it.



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WoW !!


I read this WB Forum and the SASS Cowboy Forum frequently. It never ceases to amaze me on how some work, so amazingly hard, to continue to harm this sport.


If that is all a TO has to do is to somehow count the rounds in a shooters magazine(s) while on the shooters belt and not inform the shooter of the possible infraction before he starts the stage, that person has way too much time on their hands. Quite possibly that person should retake the WB RO Class no matter how new or long he had his WB RO badge . This type of action does absolutely nothing to further Wild Bunch Shooting. By the way - I have made poor calls also. Not particularly proud of them, but I have learned from them.


After reading the Jackaroo's post it's no wonder why, in my mind, this is a dying sport. Between reading this sort of stuff on the WB Form and others like it on the SASS Cowboy Forms there is no doubt in my mind why I believe I will easily outlive these two shooting sports.


Some may or may not agree with my comments. They are, however, my thoughts.



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OK thanks to all and HJ who replied, glad to hear about the next rule book.



JJ The sport is not dying because of issues like this, but like many other things it's caught up in evolution.... we're all getting older and many young people today know nothing of the old west because politics dictates they not be taught history. It's a sad thing but it's happening and I don't believe we can stop the rot.

So come an enjoy the fun with us while you can.  :) ;D


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