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2017 Texas State WB Champions


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Congratulations to the Texas WB state champs


Shooting Iron Miller  High overall Lady

Capt Sam Evans      High overall Men

Wicked Flenia          Ladies Modern Senior

Modern                    Dusty Boddams

Traditional              Greased Lighting

Modern Senior          Shadow Doc

Traditional Senior    Hoodoo Brown


BAMM Combat          Capt Sam Evans

BAMM Sniper            Dusty Boddams


Again thanks to all the shooters that participated in this years match.  We had a huge turnout.

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I really like that. The Overall is a redundant award since they have already won their category. Historically the two overall winners walk away with two trophies. I have argued that overall be done away with but SASS requires it. You have come up with the best solution. This makes the overall an important award and rewards the next person in their category.


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Back Forty


The Sniper Match was shot with the BAMM rifle only from one position. Distance was about 100 yards. There was a convertible car with a driver and a bad guy in the back seat with the 3 out riders following the car.With 5 rounds you shot the driver then the bad guy and his 3 out riders and then with the next 5 rounds you repeated the sequence.

The combat match was shot with the BAMM rifle only and 15 rounds shot on 5 targets at about 80 yards in 3 different positions shooters choice on position.

We had over 65% of the Wild Bunch Shooters shoot BAMM.



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