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Blue vs Stainless


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I am looking at getting a Colt series 70 for Wild Bunch Traditional and will want to lower the ejection port.  I like the look of traditional blue but know after they cut the port, the slide will have to be re-blued.  I haven't ever done that before.  Is it a hassle or does it look OK?  Or should I just go stainless?

Opinions welcome.



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I wouldn't decide on a $1000 competition gun based on the cost of a $25 touch-up blue repair after lowering the ejection port.  Buy the finish you will shoot better with.  I run a blue gun because glare off the slide is slightly less.  But I have a SS backup (also Colt 70) that I shoot almost as well.  If you just can't stand normal wear showing on a blued gun, by all means get the SS. 


After a month of shooting one, most folks have gotten over the "looks brand new" desire and don't care how the gun looks, just the score sheet.  ;D


Personally, neither of my guns have a lowered ejection port and I rarely ding a case mouth.  And if I do - wow, I really don't care if I have to throw out a 4 cent piece of .45 auto brass after every match that can't be straightened.  (I buy range brass by the 60# box.)  A lowered port IMHO makes zero difference to gun reliability.  Get your EXTRACTOR tip shaped right and you don't have a worry.


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