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Seven in the Mag


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Well, it seems the SASS Wire found another topic to replace the "Rank vs. Total Time" controversy. namely the number of rounds in the 1911 mag.


Now many other reasons not to shoot WB are being expressed.  I was surprised with some of the reasons and some of the attitudes voiced against those of us wanting to shoot WB.  However, some of the Leadership of WB in the past have seemed rather "rigid" in their views.


I hope that not many rules are changed in order to chase the unicorn of participation.  Having the matches available and our having fun should draw in those who want to join us.

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Jorge and ck, the committee based most of that 7 round decision on shooters of wild bunch wanting to shoot 7 rounds not on this mysterious group of cowboy shooters that some folks think will start shooting because of the capacity change. In other words it was done mainly for clientele that are shooters of WB now. Same way the model 12 was approved it was not to lure new shooters as much as it was to better service the WB community. This is going to be a great thing!  ;D Dusty
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