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New Category in Wild Bunch

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After some range time yesterday, I'm thinking ahead that there might be a demand for a new category in Wild Bunch in the not-too-distant future:  the Arthritis Category  for those of us who have turned the calendar many times and whose hands are taking painful notice of recoil. 


Maybe 45 ACP loads below the 150 PF or even better 1911s in 9mm with no PF.


Is anybody ready to move into this  category other than me?

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It gets hard to build a good .45 auto load for a standard-built 1911 down below about 140 PF.  You would be talking about a bullseye type gun with light springs.  The original concepts were to keep highly modified guns out of the sport to avoid pricey technology races.    I have greatly appreciated that approach.


But, a 9 MM would be much easier for folks with aches and pains to handle.  I could see a minor class with a PF floor around 105 or so.  It won't be easy finding any commercial lead bullet ammo like that, though, so shooters would still be handloading their ammo.   


It is already being done at several WB matches.  Call around and see,,,,


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I feel bad about your wrist ailments.......  If Wild Bunch starts adding any new categories, it will be heading down the road like CAS has.  I have been shooting both CAS and Wild Bunch for some time.  When I started with CAS, I think there was 7 or 9 categories.....now I think there is about 42, which is ridiculous.  I like Wild Bunch categories, traditional and modern, some times an open class is available..........and that is it.
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