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Mag extension for Model 12

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I use a Model 12 as backup for my 97, which has been behaving poorly of late.  I also use the Moel 12 (30 inch barrel) for trap, and am thinking of getting into 3 gun fun.


I can legally use the Model 12 for all 3 games, but with a 6 round mag, the Model 12 is at a disadvantage in 3 gun.  So am considering extending the magazine to hold an additional 2 or 4 rounds.


My question is whether a Model 12 with a mag extension would still be legal for WB, understanding that I couldn't load more then 6 shells in a WB match.


Appreciate any advice.


B Slim

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External modifications not listed in the rule books are not acceptable.


Is this an external mod? yes


Is this listed in the rule book as an acceptable mod?  no


So the answer has to be?  not acceptable


You can try filing a modification request with the powers that be, and it might get decided that this can be a modification they will write into the rules or at least give you and acceptable-use modification response.


Good luck, GJ



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;D bs, the good news is mag tubes switch out very easy. Just by a spare tube extend it

And slap it on there when you want to shoot 3 gun. Use the standard length for the wild bunch

Game. Or it's a good excuse to buy another pump gun already rigged out for three gun if you

Get into a lot of 3 gun.  Dusty Boddams


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Brooklyn, I can assure you that the Committee would NOT approve an application to add an extension to a Model 12 magazine tube. I shot 3gun for 2 years with my '97 and won several of the SG heave stages at local matches. Unless you are shooting at a very high level you can do pretty well with a model 12 or '97. Few use pumps except in Heavy Metal class anymore.
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Thanks for the responses. 


I'm taking a 3 gun class at a local club, and the guys were kind of scraping the clouds with their noses when I showed up with my '97.  They all had Brownings and Remingtons tricked out specially for 3 gun, with long magazines, some of which extended past the end of the barrel.


I had never thought of swapping out magazines tubes on the model 12 when using it for 3 gun, and back to stock for WB.  I wanted to use the model 12 because I find I can do the dual shotshell loading thing easier with the model 12 than with the '97, plus the 30 inch barrel would allow for the magazine extension.


Anyway, thanks again for the suggestions.


B Slim


B Slim

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