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Coated Bullets: Zediker speaks

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Although this article relates to shooting jacketed bullets and Boron Nitride coating, the author makes interesting comments about seasoning a barrel, as did Dusty Boddams. 


What is the composition of the Hi-Tek coating that has gained following among cast bullet shooters?

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I use the Hi-Tek bullets and love them.  No I have not ever chronographed or done any other testing but the barrels take very little cleaning.  I got 230gr SNS coated round nose to load in 45ACP and some 200gr coated to load in 45 Schofiled for rifle.  I have yet to have a problem with the bullets, even used the 45s out of a semi auto Thompson without any problems. 


The only thing I have ever read is if the barrel is a bit tight, then the coating can be stripped right off and one can get leading of the barrel.  Otherwise from what I have seen there is very little residue left unlike the moly coated.


As far as CAS shooting, out of say 35 shooters probably only 3 to 5 of us had Hi Tek coated bullets.  So I do not think it has caught on as much but I also like that your lead exposure is lower than regular cast. 

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Hi-tek is a thermoplastic polymer plastic, from what I can get folks to talk about.  At least, some sort of plastic.  Which isn't all that new - S&W made nyclad bullets in the 1970s' (nylon coated)


Plastic is a long ways away from that boron nitride coating. 


Good luck, GJ

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I recently had occasion to repair a '73 rifle where the shooter had been using polymer coated bullets for a couple of years.  There was a hard, almost ceramic-like, build up underneath the extractor.  This had gotten to the point where the extractor was no longer reliably grabbing the cartridge rim for extraction.


Now, that build up might have been from low power loads, or poor powder choice.  But, the nature of the 'gunk' was hard and solid.  Not what I've found before with black powder and lead bullets.



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