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Problem With My Model 12 Technique

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While shooting at the NY State WBAS Championship this past weekend, I discovered a problem with my Model 12.  It worked flawlessly all weekend, except when I went up for poppers.  Every time, the action seemed to hang up, resulting in missed targets.  I've been sitting around at home, and using my practice rounds, discovered that the shotgun seems to hang up when pointed upwards, doesn't do this when level.  Am I doing something wrong, or is this a problem or common trait of the Model 12?  For the time being, looks like I'll be using my trusty Model 97 when poppers are called for in the stage (it functions smoothly every time).
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Hang up HOW?  A weak or broken carrier spring is a common culprit, leading to the carrier not rising up with next shell from mag.  And that can be worse with the muzzle tipped up.  A completely broken carrier spring, and shells can divert right from the mag tube onto the ground.


A shell not coming out of mag all the way?


Hanging up with shells in the mag, but not if you dry cycle it?


Hanging up at what point in the action cycle?  Where's the slide and is it in the back stroke (extract and eject) or the forward stroke (feed and chamber)? 


There's only 90 or so parts in that gun, and the more precise you can be, the better someone not there to look carefully can help.


Good luck, GJ

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So, the lockup is that after firing a shot with the barrel raised, the action slide lock does not unlock the forearm so that you can rack out the shell, until after you have pushed forward firmly on the forearm?


Sounds like the action slide lock is dirty and needs a good cleaning.  There's a helical coil spring circling the mag tube under the forearm.  Make sure that is intact (they break) and clean. 


If that is not it, then next place to look is at the action slide lock and spring.  It's a part of the trigger group, and the lock sticks up from the top middle of the trigger group assembly.  Part 57 on the diagram referenced below




The trigger group can be a pain to reassemble, so don't take it apart unless you have done a few.  Spray some bore cleaner down in there and work parts until it seems to be moving more freely.



Recoil is supposed to help push the forearm forward to let that unlock.  Real light loads, you may have to assist with a forward push.


Good luck, GJ



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I used to have a M97 that had a factory flaw. When cycling the action pointed up at about 45 degrees, a round would hang up as the action started to be cycled forward. After a lot of examination I discovered the ejector spring was about 1/8" too far forward. The ejector spring block was about 1/8" behind the spring. Every time I went for a clay it jammed. The rim of the round would snag on the ejector spring because of the flawed spacing.
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