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WB Side Matches at EOT 2014


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WB EOT Shooters this year we have a great line up of side matches in store for every one. A coupe of the matches are 2 man team Clays Wabble Trap and the Bolt Action Military Rile Match.

The Wabble Trap Match is shot with 2 team members.  24 Birds are launched from the Trap.  Each start with 6 rounds in their Shotgun. Each Team Member will have 12 birds to shoot for a total of 24 Birds The most Birds hit win the match.  Now for those of you who have never seen a wabble trap the birds are thrown every 2 seconds until all 24 birds are thrown. Each Team member shoot 2 rounds than the other team member shoot 2 rounds alternating until all birds are thrown.  The trap will throw a bird from a different position with each bird launched.  The trap is moving left to right and up and down.


Wild Bunch Bolt Action Rifle Match " BAM Match"


The rifle must be an original Caliber Bolt Action Rifle issued by any country to its Military forces through the end of W W 11.  It must be as issued with Original iron battle sights and no external modifications.  Faithful reproduction are also allowed.  You can use factory FMJ loads or reloads and lead bullets.  The match is a 10 round match with the most hits in the fastest time.  Shooter will start with no more than 5 rounds in the magazine and the bolt open. The shooter will reload as needed.  If you don't have a rifle I am sure one of use will have one you can use.


Looking forward to seeing everyone @ EOT



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Update on the Wild Bunch side matches @ EOT..  The Military Bolt Action Match "BAM" will have 3 rifles avaiable for anyone to shoot in the match.  Factory ammo is avaiable.  We will charge for the ammo which will be cheap.  You can shoot as many times as you like.  Come try it out, it is a hoot to shoot.
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