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Model 12-adjusting hammer spring

Abe E.S. Corpus

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I ran a search but did not see this addressed.  My Model 12 has had a little attention from a local gunsmith but I'm pretty sure he left the springs alone.  It takes more effort to cycle as compared with the two '97s I have owned so I am wondering whether the stock hammer spring can be shortened a little. 


Reliable ignition is more important to me than having the lightest and slickest gun on the range.  That said, can I safely cut a coil or two?

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Thanks, all.  Turns out the spring was trimmed when the action work was done.  My first main match shotgun was a Coyote Cap 1897 that was well broken in by the two or three prior owners.  It spoiled me a little.


Part of my issue is that my M12 is a later model with the larger diameter forend and grip area on the stock.  I acquired a corncob forend and plan to narrow the grip portion of the stock.  I think this will give me a better hold on the gun.

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