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Model 12 light strikes or kicking a round out.

Tully Mars

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Howdy All!


At WR this year I was having issues with my M12. I wasn't sure if it was me or the gun. The problem was I would eject or kick out a live shell with or without a slight strike on the primer. Here's what I determined the problem to be, hopefully this helps someone out.


It was the lock up of the action slide lock and the hammer. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when slam firing the only thing holding the hammer in the rearward position is the action slide lock, since the sear and hammer notch are not engaged while slam firing.


I pulled out both of my M12's and held the trigger back and slowly worked the slide. My back up M12 the hammer would not fall until the very last moment of the bolt locking up. On my main match gun the hammer would fall with the bolt half way through the cycle allowing the hammer to just follow the bolt down with minimal or no strike on the primer.


After pulling both trigger groups out and comparing them it was obvious that my main match gun's lock up was not good.

Anyway after some welding and filling on the hammer my main match gun seems to be running as good as ever, hopefully it will continue.




Main match M12 original lock up.                                                                                             





Back up M12 lock up.




Main M12 post welding, it's not beautiful, but it works!  :)




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Tully, I am gonna go against the tide here. The Model 12 was not designed to slam fire. "Slam firing" is a side effect of the design.

What I mean is that when the designers drafted the Model 12, one of their criteria was not the ability to slam fire.  It was intended to be fired from a closed action by pulling the trigger. I would suspect that slam firing has worn those parts down and is the reason you had to weld and refit them.

Feel free to email those pics and I'll try to post them for you.


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Thanks Boggus, but it's working now. The original fit was very poor. The hook actually hit the hammer stand off each time it moved forward creating more wear. It will get me through the CA state and beyond. Considering all the gun related issues I've been having this is one less thing to worry about.


Thanks and good luck in Utah! Wish I could join you!



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