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WB RO Course in Phoenix

Legendary Lawman

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There will be a Wild Bunch Range Officer Course on Saturday, January 30, 2016, 9 a.m. at Pioneer RV Park, 36408 N. Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ, about 1 mile north of Ben Avery Shooting Complex on Hwy 17.  (If you are going to attend, email for directions – do not trust your GPS!)

To prepare for the course you must download the latest manuals just released:

1. SASS Wild Bunch Action Shooting Handbook Version 9a, January 2016

2. SASS Wild Bunch Range Operations Manual Version 9, January 2016

Once downloaded, please read both manuals.  Then re-read them.  Then take your now worn manuals and read them once again.

The course will start at 9 a.m.  The cost will be $30.  For those taking it as a refresher the course is free.  Please bring a lunch and refreshments.  Coffee and water will be available.

For complete administrative details and directions and to confirm attendance, or if you have any questions please email Serenity at peteronkynda@gmail.com. 


Serenity and Legendary Lawman


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Looking to take a Wild Bunch RO course while at winter range. I am registered to shoot W B and was wondering if there is going to be a chance to take a class while I'm out there.  I won't be in Phoenix until Saturday the 20th but after wild bunch match on Monday,  I will be open the rest of Winter Range. Thanks in advance,  sincerely,  Will Lynchem.

Update, I believe that I will be giving FJT a ride to winter range this year and I will be shooting with him this weekend.  If I can talk him into leaving a day earlier,  I will be there for the class.  I've already reserved a camping spot at the Pioneer RV park. C-Ya there, W. L.

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I will PM you with some information.  The WB RO course we taught was held last Saturday.  We will try to see if we can get another one scheduled but it would have to be right after WR as most of us start shooting Fire and Ice on Feb 19 and go through until the end of WR.


You should try to get to Phoenix on the 18th to shoot a day of WB and 2 days of CAS warm-up at Cowtown


In any case, we are at Pioneer - lot 150 so drop over when you get here.


Legendary Lawman

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