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Poly choke on a Model 12

Coyote Kincaid

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Stopped at a few pawn shops today and found a couple Model 12's. One had a vented rib on the barrel that was definitely done afterwards. Another had a vent type poly choke and measured right at 23 inches behind the poly choke. Well I bought it and this thing is full of surprises. I could only get two rounds in the mag tube. I tore it down and had to dig a dowel rod out of the tube. The mag spring is a bit twisted up. The lever that holds the shells in the tube is weak so that will need to be fixed.


Decided to just pop off the poly choke and discovered that this thing looks like it was done at the factory. Did Winchester offer a poly choke from the factory? Does this have any value?


Guess what I want to know is should I just chop it off like I already planned to do or buy another barrel and keep this one?

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