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Well, P, you know where the rules are that govern this.  You can read them yourself in the WB Shooters Handbook, or right here, too.  Page 5 and 6.



Pistol finishes vary widely. Bluing, plating, polishing, painting, etc. are all legal.

• Barrel  length  must  be  five  inches.  No  barrel  porting  or  compensators  or  other recoil  reducing  devices  allowed.  No  recoil  reducing  devices are allowed.  This means no Springcoil, STI, Fire Dragon, Hartts, tungsten, or similar recoil reducing guide  rods,  full  length  dust  covers, extra weights, and the like.  Dust cover light rails are legal. 

Unloaded  pistol  weight  may  not  exceed  42  ounces  with  an  empty  magazine


• Barrel with standard barrel bushing.  No Bull barrels allowed.

• Magazine wells may be beveled, but may not be oversized, extended or flared.

• Adjustable or non-adjustable rear sights and blade type front sights are allowed.

• Sights may not be optical or fiber optic.  Laser sights are not allowed.  Sights may be painted or have colored dots or inserts.

• Stainless steel pistols are permitted.

• No  target  style  grips  or  thumb  rests  allowed.  Wrap  around  grips  that  cover  a portion of the front strap are illegal.

• Front and rear slide checkering or serrations allowed.

• No  external "rib" allowed  on  top  of  slide. This  means  no  external  rib  such  as  a BoMar  may  be  attached  to  the  top  of  the  slide  by  screws,  welding,  or  any  other

means.  The  top  of  the  slide  may  be  flattened,  serrated,  and/or  matted  to  reduce glare. Original Colt Gold Cup ribs are legal.

• Extended beavertail grip safeties allowed.

• Magazines must be standard length and cannot hold more than eight rounds. No extended base pads on magazines. 

This means NO base pads of any kind.  Empty magazines must weigh no more than three ounces.

• Magazine release may be extended but not oversized.

• Thumb safeties may be extended and be ambidextrous.

• Slide release may be extended.

• Full-length recoil spring guide rod allowed.

• Lowered and flared ejection port allowed.

• Match trigger allowed.

• Lanyard loop is optional.

• Lightweight competition hammer allowed.

• Checkered  front  strap  and  trigger  guard  allowed.  This  means  any  type  of checkering, stippling, and/or serrations are legal.

• Finger grooves on the front strap are illegal

•Flat or arched mainspring housing allowed. Mainspring housing may be serrated or checkered.

• Internal accurizing and action tuning is allowed.

• Thumb and grip safeties must function correctly.


As for a light rail and paint job, those are legal in Modern.  You will want to check that you can make the upper weight limit! 



I highlighted in bold a couple of things to watch for.  As I've not had one of the Marine Corp versions in hand.


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Promocop, yes. The rules are the rules. Another potential problem is that the scale being used at the match as well as the chrono is the Official equipment for that match and the results are not appealable. Not every scale or chrono is exactly the same so cutting it close may result in a DQ. 


Along the lines of "close": A member of the WBAS Committee was DQ'd awhile back for ammo that tested 149. The minimum is 150.

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Well, I'll adapt and overcome  I have two other 1911 (RR from WWII and a 'new' -reissue Colt 1911) that will work. BUT, I don't get why the  all the fuss about weight?  Power factor on rds I get.  I don't see what the advantage would be to have a very slightly heavier gun. Oh well
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I don't see what the advantage would be to have a very slightly heavier gun. Oh well


Better recovery time from each shot.  Sure, it would be in the milliseconds per shot.  But it especially helps keep tungsten insert recoil guides and other race gun features out. 


If there is not SOMEWHERE on the frame or slide where you could not shave off .4 ounce of weight, I would be REALLY surprised.  Like in the mainspring housing.  Or even a groove down the middle of the light rail.


Good luck, GJ


Someone would call me out for .4 ounce? 

Well, no, we would hope you would call yourself out for .4 ounce.  It's a different game here!




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Promocop, there are several ways to possibly bring the weight into spec. First, the stocks on that gun are extremely heavy. Replacing them with some lighter wood or polymer ones would take a great deal of weight off. Second, if it has a full length guide rod, you could replace that with a standard spring guide and plug. Also, as mentioned, going to an aluminum or plastic mainspring housing will help. All of this could be done without permanently modifying the pistol. I'm not sure which barrel bushing it has but if it has one of the more modern, thick flanged one, going to a standard style one would remove a very slight amount of weight.
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