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Opinion on Desert Eagle 1911G

Grouchy Spike

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The DE was my first "Modern" 1911, and it is still the one I grab first. Have a few other manufacturers, and while they are all the same design, this one just "Fits" right. I've let a few folks try it out, and they all want to know who did the work on it. They always look at me funny when I tell them I did. I put a set of stag grips on it, and started shooting it. That's it. It has the nicest out of the box trigger in a production gun, and with good mags, it runs like a sewing machine. I like the performance and lack of problems, so I thought I would try the C model, and it's just like it's big brother, it just works every time. Does it look like a billboard, maybe? Is it reliable without having to have a gunsmith on speed dial? It is! Maybe it was just the luck of the draw for me, but dang it happened twice. I am not a 1911 expert, actually I'm very far from it, but I am enjoying getting to know the design, and these have made it more enjoyable.


I would be curious to hear from a 1911 smith, and know what they think.

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The Desert Eagle is a sleeper.  Hitting 90 yard target with factory sight adjustment. 


I'll using a 12# recoil spring and a couple of times in 100 rounds loaded with 4.5 gr Trail Boss and 230 gr bullets, the slide won't lock back when empty.  No problem with a 16# spring and full factory loads.


I'll drop down a pound or two on the hammer spring to insure that the slide locks back on an empty mag every time and run it for a while. May bump the recoil spring back to 13# if that's working.

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Grouchy, if you are running WB PF in the gun, the problem may be your mag spring. Does the slide lock open easily if you completely cycle the slide by hand (not flipping up the slide stop)? Does the follower tab contact the slide stop properly or strong enough.


I run a 12# spring and a stock hammer spring. A stock hammer spring or a pound over stock helps to impede the slide and the gun will not rock up in the hand as much.

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Red Cent, correction - I had a 13# recoil spring in the DE and not a 12#.


Are you meaning that the mag spring may be too strong for the load so as to cause sufficient drag to on the slide to impede slide movement?  Could be.


I ran that DE today with the same load of 230 gr bullet and 4.3 gr Trail Boss but used stock Checkmate GI 7 round mags instead of the stock Tripps that I'd used earlier.  No problem making slide lock with the Checkmates in 175 rounds.


Another brand new unfired DE with 14# spring ran the same load and used Ruger magazines - had no trouble with slide lock.  But two Ruger mags had weak springs because a round jumped out of the mag when the mag was bumped on a table.  I installed Wolff extra power mag springs in those two magazines this evening and will try those mags in practice this week, with the TB load.

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